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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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hopefully, it will be magnificent. but you cannot put in any bus shelters. you cannot put any seats down there near where the bus stops are. and you cannot put any bathrooms and therefore the public. you have plumbing there already because greyhound has bathrooms. there are restrooms for the drivers. so why don't you take some of this federal money you are getting and fix that area so it can be accessible? it is a long walk from market street. it is a couple of blocks. somebody just told me -- the population is starting to get older. san francisco. with all this money you are spending, you can spend some money for bathrooms, for seats. you already have security guards
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because they seem to like to arrest me. i almost thought about suing you folks for the way that they treated me. thank you. >> joyce roy. >> good morning. you may all remember a few years ago, bart had an extensive strike. a lot of people discover the transbay buses. once the strike was settled, a lot of them kept on writing. now we have the possibility of the reverse. if people are not comfortable at this temporary station, they are going to discover bart or something else. it will become a habit, and it will not come back when the building is built. so you will have this lovely,
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grand central station, and nobody comes. the train will not be there. you need to do all you can to keep these riders coming, even attract new ones. there are only four things you have to look at. the restrooms is the easy one. it is there. i think there are overblown security concerns. but particularly, was the second phase is billed and you have to have security around their. that should be easily solved. the canopies are another thing. they are very attractive but they are nonfunctional, unless the rain comes directly down.
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you might say we need a second layer of canopy, shelter underneath and behind. it is going to be cold and blowing rain. you will find few people coming there to take the bus. and the seating should not be so difficult. i understand some more seating has been ordered. it can be designed so people cannot sleep on it, but there needs to be seating and every bus stop. then there needs to be something known as a warming hut. you need to have some kind of shelter from the weather that people can wait if they have just missed the bus -- which comes every 30 minutes -- it is dark, cold. maybe there could be some
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vending machines. >> thank you. do we have any other public comment? >> that includes the members of the public who expressed a willingness to speak. >> state your name for the record. >> my name is michael. thank you for letting me address you this morning. is anybody opposed to closing the transbay joint powers authority? >> this is your time to speak. >> is there anybody opposed to that? just looking through this, does anybody agree this is evidence of corruption? hearing no opposition -- does
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anybody know how much a border director gets paid? none of you know how much you get paid. >> sir, this is public comment. this is your opportunity to speak. >> i see on the regular calendar there is going to be something raised in a contract from 0 to $5 million? it seems to me evidence of corruption. does anybody oppose describing this document as evidence of the board's corruption? hearing no opposition, it is established. >> ok, madam secretary. >> that concludes public comment. >> public comment is closed. let's move onto the next item. >> moving on to the consent calendar, all matters will be
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retained and will be voted on by a single vote. i have not received any indication that a member of the border or public wishes to have an item severed. your items are 7.1, approving the minutes of the september 9, 2010 meeting. 7.2, authorizing the executive director to execute a man the number one to the agreement with local government services for human resources management extending the term for additional two years. >> it has been moved and properly seconded. all those in favor? opposed? ok, motion passes. >> we are going to move into the regular calendar now. item eight, approving an amendment to contract 08-04 authorizing webcor/obayahhi.
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>> directors, bob will report on that item. >> good morning, directors. you have heard about this item from marianne and steve. this is our first director construction contract under the webcor/obayashi agreement. it is one of six relocation contracts we will be performing. if you have any questions on the contract, i would be happy to
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answer them. >> any questions? >> the item has been moved. let's do a roll call on these items. >> no members of the public have indicated they want to address you on this item. [roll call] item 8 is approved. >> ok, next item. >> operas and the executor to execute amend the number two to the agreement for precious design and construction administrative services for the trend center building and related structures with pelli clarke pelli to incorporate the bottom of sequence to design and construction to provide construction industries and services for the extended construction period to allow electronic monitoring of salomon and soil conditions during excavation and construction of a train box. >> thank you, members of the
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board. this amendment is to be pelli clarke pelli contract. when we initially awarded it, we have phases one and two of construction, but we only include construction administration for what was then described as the first phase of construction. the first major component we add services under this amendment is to provide for construction administration and some of monitoring and during the construction of the train box. this is providing for the construction administration, the grant that we received. the second major element of scope under the services agreement is to incorporate the train box at extension. part of the back and forth with high-speed rail, we have extended the eastern terminus of
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the station from beale street to the eastern side of main street. if we are adding about 300 feet to the length of the rail box. we will be constructing that below grade. that is currently a phase two scope. that will be part of a future phase of construction, as well as an above-grade entrance. we are also looking at locating a future greyhound improvements to that site. additional elements of a scope underneath this agreement include additional structure and geotechnical studies performed by the team, as requested by our seismic and structure or review committee. additional services for a few other minor changes. i would be happy to answer any questions you have about the
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amendment. >> ok, any questions? we have a motion. >> no members of the public have indicated they want to address you. [roll call] item 9a$. is approved. item 10. authorizing the executive director to execute amend the number one to the agreement with parsons for engineering design services for the caltrain downtown extension project for a maximum compensation of $1.2 million and authorizing the amendment of the tcpa fiscal year 2011 budget to increase the line item four downtown extension engineering and design by $460,000 to $1,210,000. >> good morning, directors. i have been working with
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caltrans high-speed rail and our consultants is parsons corp.. we have been doing the real design work. as a result, we have come to an agreement on the extended platform as a layout. where caltrain goes, where high- speed rail goes. we still have details to iron out. an additional technical meeting with high speed rail and caltrain. we go to all of their meetings and we have been working at this well. parsons is our engineering arm which produces the exhibits and get the approvals. i would be happy to recommend that we keep them on so that we can keep the progress of going. i could answer any questions, if you have them.
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>> ok, any questions from the board regarding this item? >> i will move the item. >> moved and properly seconded. >> no members of the public have expressed a wish to address you on this item. [roll call] item 10 is approved. item 11 is authorizing the executive director to execute an agreement for quitclaim of interest and related agreements as a condition of the tcpa's receipt of a grant from the san mateo county transportation authority of $12,262,000 for acquisition of 85 natoma for the downtown rail extension project. >> you have an item before you that is the quick claim deed.
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this is $12.6 million for the acquisition of 85 natoma. an agreement has been worked out between the two parties. because this does include the box and the part of phase two, it has special conditions that were asked for by the san mateo transportation authority. deborah is available to answer any questions about how that particular legal consideration was made. if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. >> i can describe a little bit about what they're doing here. earlier, we have an allocation of funds for the acquisition of 580 howard, which is a prowhen e
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ta on that allocation, they asked for the tjpa to quitcli aim to property. this is consistent with other organizations. in the event a problem does not move forward in a certain time frame, that the tjpa return the money back to the agency. the ta ask for additional conditions for allocation to funds. add additional condition is that in the event of a trigger circumstance, such as the project not moving forward in a certain time frame, tjpa agreed toquitclaim the property back to tjpa.
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if the property is worth less than the granted a ,the tjpa should use the best efforts to make up the difference and make a cash payment to the ta for the difference of that cash ready. before any payment is made, the board would have to determine that the tjpa has a source of funds that are often available to afford such a payment. we have worked out the terms of that agreement. the tjpa is looking for these funds to make this purchase of property. no other funds are identified at this time for the property. we think the likelihood of a triggering event occurring is very low. we think the likelihood of the tjpa needed to make an additional payment of funds beyond the contents of the property, a back to theta is also very low. >> [inaudible] >> in this case, a triggering
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event would be if dtx is not completed by 2040. that would be a triggering event. >> so the price of a unit in [inaudible] >> that is correct. >> director harper? >> we are creating -- why are we using the quitclaim to do that? >> we would give back whenever interest we have in the property in the event of a triggering event. >> so we are going to file this quitclim deed on title but it does not talk about the
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conditions, so what will be filed under title? >> we do not file this deed unless a trigger occurred -- an event occurs. and it goes into escrow. so we filed a memorandum of agreement that lets the world now there is a quitclaim agreement. >> so the agreement is what goes on title. the quitclaim is held up. >> yes. >> any further questions? >> it has been recommended due to possible conflict of interest that i recused myself from this. >> all right. do i have a motion? moved and seconded. >> no members of the public have expressed a wish to address you on this item. with that, -- [roll call]
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item 11 is approved. >> ok. now we are scheduled to recess the regular meeting and move into closed session. let's get the room prepared for closed session. >> members of the public have an opportunity to discuss the items listed in closed session. they have an opportunity to do so at this time. xu0> the tjpa board of dirs já9 back in session. >> as to item three, con&
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negotiating agreement negotiating the hines purchase of property, there's no action to report. as to item:ó&ejq four, conferef negotiators and!.éoñv litigatios to the following properties -- street, 564 howardoperties -- st., 568 howard st.,n4i4éñ 85 nt homeless street numbers one, two, three,[-> five,i6s nine, c1]z.nm,v, and an easment insurance across the n street garage. recommendsjpuñ$9i authorizatione city to condemn the following properties and initiate9zls5#ñ n
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estimate proceedings to apply the following properties for g/bñ as well as fees and interest in and . defúexçfurther, if the city colo adopt the resolution and initiate eminent domain 4 properties, the tjpa will"r'7uwr the cost of litigating in the eminent domain litigation. >> than")e[í< director ford: thank you very much. the meeting is now closed. thank you.
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>> welcome to culture wire. the arabs don't possible has bringing you the best of the arab film to the bay area. this year's festival is no
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exception. consider the most important arab film festival outside of the arab world, the festival offers a rare window to the arab world and its diverse community. featuring 24 films from over 18 countries, it is also one of the only four runs that showcases new works by established and emerging arab filmmakers. the possible films in four cities. in addition, the festival organizers a film series for high-school students free of charge. this year's lineup offers something for everyone, including shorts, documentary's, comedies, and dramas.
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>> [speaking arabic] the mission of the arab film festival, since it its inception in 1996, and it came about -- members of our community realized there was stereotyping of arabs in the media, and they wanted to change that proactively. they wanted to use the power of film to bring in the stories, to bring in authentic images and narratives of the arab world, here to american audiences, in order to fight the negative
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stereotyping, and to introduce the positive, authentic images to america, which iraq california, -- throughout california, a teasing familiarity, establishing harmony between our communities. the selection this year it is really a good selection. it is perverse, comes from more than 18 countries. it has a bit of everything for everyone. -- it is diverse, comes from more than 18 countries. there are shorts, and from us, comedies, you name it. this year, the film festival takes place in the castro. there is a comedy film from
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nigeria that is pretty hilarious. you can get to know arabs threw their laughing as well. [speaking in foreign language] >> when you come to see all the diversity, nationality, ethnic, skin color, dialect, anything that you can think of, that world is very rich in diversity. we are trying to represent that diversity so people can see the different parts of the arab world. [speaking in arabic] >> people should participate in
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the festival because of the benefits they can get. first, the educational benefit of learning about the stories of the arab world. diverse stories. people in the united states sometimes think of the arab world as a lump sum. what is good about the arab film festival is the also have a festival for the school's program, which we have films where we invite free of charge, i schoolers to come and attend. every year, high schoolers to go out really with a good experience, attending and watching these films. the arab film festival is not only about the festival in october. we also have year-round programs. check out the film festival to run the year, not just in the fall. -- throughout the year, not just in the fall.
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the best thing that somebody can take away from the arab on festival is the arab cinema is talent. it is beautiful. the stories have that they represent are good stories, beautiful stories. also, the art form is beautiful and well made. >> for a complete film schedule and to learn more about the arab film festival, visit
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